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Why does my appetite change in the summer?


Now that the weather has (finally!) taken a turn in the UK, you may have noticed a change in your hunger levels and food choices. Feeling like you don’t want to eat as often when compared to the Christmas period? Opting for salads and ice creams over heart-warming lunches and dinners? Good news! It’s not all in your head, and here is what a registered Sports Nutritionist has to say about it…

"Despite the current literature being scarce, Herman (1993) has offered a convincing argument about eating in accordance with the environmental temperature. A major physiological concern for humans is the process of thermoregulation, this being the act of maintaining an appropriate body temperature. The act of eating provides not only an energy source but is also a major contribution to maintaining body heat through its ‘thermic effect’. By this means, if the ambient temperature is warm, there ought to be a reduced caloric demand and suppression of energy intake is to be expected by an individual. Conversely, when it’s cold, our bodies may work harder to insulate via an increased intake of fuel to generate heat production."

How do I counteract this reduced appetite to ensure I am fulfilling my energy needs?

When looking at any health or fitness goal, overall energy intake is the most important factor to consider. So, as long as this is fulfilled, it’s not the end of the world if you want to change up how you are getting fuel in over the hot summer months. Have a look at our simple tips below to implement every day to help meet your overall energy needs. Unsure of how much energy you need each day? Book a call with one of our Performance Nutritionists today to help set your bespoke nutritional recommendation. 

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Plan ahead:

By scheduling what meals you are going to consume for the forthcoming week, you will reduce any decision fatigue that may also be stopping you from eating as much - or bingeing! Implementing a ‘meal prep Sunday’ for example can help to ensure that you have a whole week of eats ready for times when you can't be bothered to prepare! 

Eat more frequent meals:

Instead of eating 3 meals throughout the day, it may be a good idea to split it up into smaller, frequent meals. Not only will this feel less daunting than a whole plate in front of you, but this can also help make you feel less full throughout the day and help with overall energy intake. Recognise and take advantage of where you feel most hungry!

Snacks Snacks Snacks:

It’s important to keep lots of nutrient-rich snacks in the fridge/cupboard so if you are not keen on a whole plate full of food, you are still getting those key nutrients throughout the day. With P3RFORM, you get access to many snack ideas and recipes - tailored to you and your individual requirements! 

Involve liquid calories:

If you are struggling to eat, liquid calories are a good idea to help get those nutrients in when chewing and digesting may feel like a major task. Soups, protein powders, and vitamin-boosting bowls are all great options for when the sun is out! 

Allow for a shift in food preferences:

Research also shows that as the sun comes out, food preferences may shift from heart-warming dishes to cooler food choices such as summer salads. Ensuring you still meet recommended daily intakes of nutrients, allowing and embracing this shift is also key in your health and fitness journey. 


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