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We help busy people get into the best shape of their lives.

Our team have years of experience working with elite athletes at the top of their sport. It’s now your chance to access this same expertise and guidance via P3RFORM.

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Live like a pro

With P3RFORM, you get to access to the same expertise and support as professional athletes with daily 1:1 access to your own expert strength & conditioning coach.

Your coach get to know you and help you to supercharge your performance and get you into the best possible shape of your life.

With a P3RFORM coach you get:

  • Expertise – Experienced, qualified and accredited coaches that are trusted by professional athletes. P3RFORM coaches

  • Accountability – There for you everyday to check in with and keep you on track with your training.

  • Data driven – Providing you with tailored and specific feedback and analysis on all your activity 

  • Holistic – Movement, lifestyle and mindset support to ensure that you are training smarter, not harder.

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  • It’s been great to have my sessions laid out for me each day on the app. Having video instructions of what to do and a proper structure to my sessions has helped me stay motivated to work out at home

    Tom W, Recruiter
  • Since becoming a P3RFORM member I have really improved my general health & fitness. Having access to my coach Lily every day and working with her to shape my programme each week has been so great

    Anna D, Legal Associate
  • I’ve been working 1:1 with coach Matt for 9 months now. I needed additional physical performance preparation for my role and have got exactly what I needed. I’ve never been in better condition.

    Charles S, Military Personnel
  • This has been exactly the support I have needed. Having access to my coach every day to tweak the programme, keep me accountable and motivated has been brilliant.

    Michael G, Executive Director
  • Can’t recommend P3RFORM enough. I’ve tried PT with various individuals over the years and nothing has ever come close to the support and service I receive with P3RFORM

    Gary B, COO

How We Personalise Your Training Plan.

Complete our digital health & fitness profiling so we know what you want to achieve and get connected with one of our expert strength & conditioning coaches for your free video consultation. Improve your performance today.

Your expert coach will build your individualised programme via the P3RFORM app – holistically designed to support your lifestyle, mindset and movement and focused on hitting your goals.

Your individual programme evolves as you progress and your expert strength & conditioning coach will be with you every step of the way to monitor, assess and celebrate your achievements.


What’s included in your daily membership?

Initial consultation with your expert strength & conditioning coach to understand your goals, previous training history and any medical conditions
Fully individualised programme built by your expert strength & conditioning coach, aligned to your individual needs and based on your lifestyle
Integration of supported wearables including Apple Watch, FitBit & Garmin to track pace, distance intensity and quality of physical activity and sleep.
Daily access, monitoring, and messages and with your expert strength & conditioning coach for accountability, guidance, motivation and feedback
Nutrition advice, guidance and monitoring via integration with My Fitness Pal. Daily nutrition targets set and support via P3RFORM nutritionist each month with your training.
Monthly video review call with your expert strength & conditioning coach to evolve your programme, discuss your progress and catch up.
P3RFORM membership costs £3.60 per day and has no long term commitment requirement or cancellation costs. Try your first month risk free. If you don’t love it, then you can have your money back!

Meet Our Online Performance Coaches


Matthew Jones

Matt has worked internationally with athletes at the highest levels of elite sport and recently headed up Google UK’s world-leading human performance programme.

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Lily Chapman

Lily is a qualified performance coach and sport and exercise nutritionist who’s worked with Swansea City FC Academy and England Athletics.

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Callum Williams

As part of the Game Changer Performance (GCP) team, Callum works with top flight footballers on their performance and rehabilitation. He’s also worked with athletes at all levels, across a range of different sports.

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Why are we different?

  • You will have access to additional monthly content to support your lifestyle, mindset & movement

  • You will have access to the P3RFORM app to work with your expert coach and integrate to your via wearables/fitness apps

  • You will typically have 70-100 contacts per month with your expert coach

  • You will get access to as many bespoke sessions from your expert coach per week as you like

  • Our coaches have experience working within elite sport with professional athletes and teams

  • Our coaches are all accredited by recognised awarding bodies and educated to a minimum post graduate level

  • Our coaches are part of a wider multi-disciplinary team of experts supporting professional athletes and teams

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