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How to Get in Shape Fast for your Summer Holiday


If we’re being honest, we’ve all at one point or another said we’re going to get in shape for summer and then do nothing about it. But this year it can be different, with P3RFORM’s help, we can help you learn how to get your dream summer body. There are a few things you need to understand about the theory behind shifting fat and losing weight first. By the end of this article, you will be well versed in what nutrients you should be fuelling your body with, how to train and how to hit your targets. 

 This blog will help you identify a few key ways to keep you on track and reach your goals as soon as possible! Join us as we discuss how to get in shape for summer.  

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Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Remember, short-term non-adherence to your diet or fitness regime in the run-up to your holiday does not define your overall health. Embrace that your results come from the average of your behaviours, not what you consume in a 24 hour period. With this, not everything you consume must be of high nutritional value, and not every workout needs to be perfect. By worrying less about the speed you are going and rather concentrating on the direction, you will have a great holiday with no regrets! 

Implement a calorie deficit

If a change in body composition is the goal, it may be a good idea to be aware of what defines the change – a calorie balance. If your intake (via food, drink, alcohol, or supplements) is higher than your expenditure (via living, activity, training, injury, or illness), you will be in an energy surplus, therefore increasing your fat percentage. Alternatively, if your intake is lower than your expenditure, you will be in a calorie deficit, leading to a loss in fat. This is the only successful, sustainable way to lose body fat, not ‘quick-fix’ diet fads that may appear over social media. Reducing your calories daily (reducing 100-300 kcals or creating a larger deficit (500-800 kcals for example a few days of the week) will help to ensure an overall negative calorie balance) can help you to see positive change and help you meet your health and fitness goals. No juice, pill, waist trainer, or ‘superfood’ can ever replace the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Hundreds of calorie calculators are available free online! 

Easy ways to implement a deficit: 


  • Slowly reduce your portion sizes 

  • Ensure a high-protein source in each meal to help keep you full 

  • Swap sauces for spices 

  • Reduce liquid calories 

  • Eat slower 

  • Prepare your own meals – meal prep 

  • Swap oil for cooking spray 


P3RFORM’s expert coaches are trained to help you achieve your goals in all facets of training. The service we provide includes meal planning and ensuring that you fuel your body with the correct nutrients. While we will help you identify what you should be putting in your body, we also aim to educate you on things such as macronutrients.  

NEAT up 24/7

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis: the energy we expend for everything we do when we are not sleeping or exercising. NEAT contributes to a large portion of your total daily energy expenditure (around 10%) however is hugely overlooked by many. When looking for fat loss alongside a busy lifestyle, try to up that NEAT through running errands, taking the stairs, parking further away from the shops, getting off the bus a stop early, or implementing a stand-up desk at work!  

Implement realistic targets

The pursuit of goals, aims, and aspirations we feel are important to us is a prominent part of everyday life. But how can we make them effective? 

Focus on Intrinsic Goals 

Intrinsic motivation drives the learner internally, rather than through an outside source. With this, the outcomes of intrinsic goals are aimed at something we inherently value and find personally meaningful. 

Ensure goals are proximal 

Proximal goals are those that are attainable in a short period of time. They are more likely to be specific, measurable, and realistic, helping increase the motivation of an individual. 

Implement coping plans  

Not all goals are executed within an optimal environment. Recognising potential threats and creating strategies to minimise these lapses is therefore critical. By doing so, a stable, flexible environment can be ensured, making behaviours habitual and automatic. 

One of the key aspects of how P3RFORM training works is how you approach your training. Our app provides the opportunity for constant communication with your dedicated coach in order for them to help you through any adversity you may be facing that could affect your training regime.  

Track your meals/Implement a meal plan

Tracking calories for a period is a valuable tool. It helps to make you more mindful of food choices, teaches you about the calories in different foods, helps with accountability, and gives you some baseline data in which you may want to change based on your physical and mental results. Even if you do not want to track religiously, ensuring you have some more structure/routine with your food throughout the day (e.g., meal prepping, ensuring you have food options you know fit within your calories) may be helpful! By creating a meal plan, for example, you can gain a greater understanding of the food you are consuming, helping to ensure nutritional adequacy in each meal. Meal plans are also very cost-effective, by helping to buy only the products you need.  

Make your workouts more fun

If you’re struggling to find the motivation to work out, it may be wise to switch up your workouts and find different ways to increase enjoyment, and subsequent results. 


  • Make your training more functional: one reason we lack motivation is boredom from repetition. Try some uncommon functional movements in your next workout! 

  • Use borrowed time: taking regular short breaks may be ideal to try and fit exercise in, wherever possible 

  • Enter challenges: if you are a competitive person, there’s no greater motivator than having to compete in front of others. Find an interesting event and get registered! 

  • Organise fitness-related catchups: people love to be social, so finding a buddy and working out with them may be perfect to get that box ticked! 

Want to finally get the summer body you deserve?

Are you looking for bespoke fitness advice to help you meet your goals more efficiently? Book a free video consultation with the experts at P3RFORM today. If you’ve got any questions regarding how P3RFORM can help you, please consult our FAQ page to find out the most commonly asked questions.  

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