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Lily Chapman

Lily is a qualified Performance Nutritionist who has previously worked with Swansea City FC Academy and England Athletics.

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Callum Williams

As part of the Game Changer Performance (GCP) team, Callum works with top flight footballers on their performance and rehabilitation. He’s also worked with athletes at all levels, across a range of different sports.

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Mitch Raynsford

Mitch is an experienced Strength and Conditioning coach and personal trainer working with top flight athletes and individuals at all fitness levels, alongside organisations including the PFA, PGMOL and Staffordshire University Sport’s High Performance Academy.

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Pete Talbot

Pete is a leading physiotherapist within elite sport who's worked with the senior England rugby league team and Red Bull athletes participating in sports including downhill mountain biking, Moto GP and BASE jumping. 

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Lizzie Read

Lizzie is an experienced sports therapist working within elite sport, supporting clients with specific, individualised performance and rehabilitation programmes.

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Dan Kett

Dan is a qualified physiotherapist working at the highest level of both men’s and women’s football in the UK, supporting both the FA and PFA with player performance, rehabilitation and return to sport.

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Building team of experts around you

When we introduce our team into someone’s life we begin to build a meaningful relationship that stretches way beyond talking about fitness.

We hear about when they are not sleeping well, not feeling great or when they feel like they are performing poorly at work.

We are asked for advice regarding mental fitness, healthy eating, dietary requirements, sleep and nutrition. Our aim is to become a core and trusted part of our clients daily life.

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