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I feel I’ve been progressing aerobically at a nice and steady pace, alongside making major improvements in my flexibility and strength. Importantly for me I have also been able to avoid niggly injuries which I have previously struggled with. Having my programme expertly put together for me each week has been incredible.
Charles (Hook, UK), Military Personnel
Within two months of joining P3RFORM I completed a 10km. It hurt but I did it! Mitch has been brilliant, not only with adapting the programme as I progress, but also being there when I have had a bad session or not feeling motivated on a particular day.
Andrea (Sutton, UK), Senior Manager
Working with Mitch has transformed my Olympic lifting and my CrossFit training. I didn't think this would be possible working remotely with a coach but is has exceeded all my expectations. I have better technique, feel stronger and the variation in my programme has been so enjoyable to follow.
Stina (Derby, UK), Lecturer
Having plateaued especially with my running over recent years, I felt the missing part of my training was access to structured strength & conditioning programme. By working with Callum via the P3RFORM app I have been able to follow a bespoke programme that he creates for me each week. The sessions work around my work and family schedule which is perfect as I am always busy!
Liam (Stafford, UK), Law Costs Consultant
Since becoming a P3RFORM member I have really improved my general health & fitness. Having access to my coach Lily every day and working with her to shape my programme each week has been so great. Having Lily also track my nutrition with and make suggestions has also been invaluable in my weight loss journey.
Anna (Manchester, UK), Legal Associate
This has been exactly the support I have needed. Having access to my coach every day to tweak the programme, keep me accountable and motivated has been brilliant.
Michael (Perth, UK), Executive Director
Can’t recommend P3RFORM enough. I’ve tried PT with various individuals over the years and nothing has ever come close to the support and service I receive.
Gary (Bolton, UK), Chief Operating Officer

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