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Frequently Asked Questions.

Your P3RFORM membership will renew on a monthly basis for £149. This includes daily access to your coach and a fully bespoke health & fitness programme each month, as well as all the other features available on the P3RFORM app. You can [try P3RFORM risk-free for the first month](, and we'll give you a full refund if you don’t want to continue.

We want your fitness journey to be the best it can be. With this, P3RFORM has a free cancellation policy, where you are able to leave anytime with no future charges.

You can integrate Fitbit and Apple Watch into the P3RFORM app. This will most certainly help you get the most out of your P3RFORM experience, through continued accountability and insights into your movement, mindset, and lifestyle progressions.

Yes! Our P3RFORM app allows integration of several fitness apps, including Apple Health and MyFitnessPal. This means that all your movement and nutrition can be stored in your P4RFORM hub, making it easier for both yourself and your coach to track your activity and progress.

Of course! Every programme is completely bespoke and tailored around your life schedule. Programmes can be updated regularly in response to any changing circumstances. We aim to make your fitness journey as effortless and realistic as possible.

Nope! All programmes are built with your situation at the forefront, with each workout planned around the equipment (if any), space, and time you have available. We believe this is the best way for long-term adherence, and subsequent positive physical and mental implications.

Through the P3RFORM app, there are endless ways in which your progress can be tracked. For each workout assigned, you can track both your weights and reps to ensure progressive overload over the period. Within your App, you can upload progress photos and self-reported body measurements to share with your coach. In addition, the app also allows synchronisation with wearables and other fitness-based apps (e.g., Apple Health), so our coaches can get a detailed insight into every single workout completed.

Communications with your coach will take place in the chat function and video function within the P3RFORM app. Here, you can ask any queries you may have regarding your programme, report any issues, or just general chit-chat! Your coach is there daily to support you with whatever you need throughout your journey.

Once you have joined P3RFORM and selected the coach you would like to work with, our digital profiling tool will initially seek to understand and profile your movement, mindset, and lifestyle. Following this, your coach will get to know you, provide advice to help you manage aspects of your lifestyle, build programmes for you that are guided, detailed, and tailored, but that work with your time constraints and lifestyle. All communication will take place within the P3RFORM app, whereby you will receive regular check-ins and updates regarding the service.

If you have been cleared by a medical professional for you to exercise, working with one of our coaches can he highly beneficial to help prevent further injury or manage chronic conditions through safe and effective workout programmes.

Feel free to email us anytime, we will be happy to help!

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