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Preventative health programmes

P3RFORM preventative health programmes are delivered by our expert multidisciplinary specialists via a mix of digital and physical services that are aimed to support entire populations of companies.

We have created quality preventative health programmes for companies to engage with. Underpinned by exercise science & medicine, years of experience working in elite sports, our preventative health programmes are unlike any other corporate wellbeing solutions available.

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How Does it Work?

When we introduce our P3RFORM to companies, we begin to build meaningful relationships that stretch way beyond just fitness.

Working holistically, our team of experts are supporting progressive companies with support for their people around lifestyle, mindset and movement

Our digital health & performance coaching is being provided by more and more companies looking to:

  • Improve employee benefits offer

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Reduce reactive healthcare spend

P3RFORM is seamless to integrate, cost-effective to manage, easy to monitor engagement and delivers results.

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  • P3RFORM’s annual health & performance programme has been superb. We have seen great uptake and engagement across the business since working with their team.

    Jo Giles, Head of Wellbeing & Facilities, Cooper Parry
  • The day with the team at P3RFORM was brilliant. Seeing how elite performance is applied and how that can be used by our team in their everyday lives is really useful. So many great things to take away from the day

    Ashley Ingram, Senior Benefits Manager EMEA, Expedia Group
  • The P3RFORM autumn challenge has been a huge success with our clients. Seeing so many of them working with the performance coaches individually has been superb.

    Alison Fagan, Head of Infrastructure Funds, DLA Piper LLP
  • The team at P3RFORM have been exceptional in terms of what they have delivered during the day. Personally I have taken some really great things away to support my health & fitness and we look forward to working with them this year to support my team at Activate.

    Toby Mitchell, Director, Activate Group.

Understanding the needs of your people

The P3RFORM digital health profiling tool puts insights into your people’s hands, leveraging our experience from the world of elite sport and applying these to people from all walks of life

Underpinned by academically acclaimed research such as the COM-B model (Mitchie et al. 2011) and the Readiness to Change model (Patterson and Connor, 1992)Our profiling tool seeks to understand:

  • An Individuals capability to perform a behaviour

  • An Individuals opportunity and motivation to carry out a behaviour

  • How receptive an individual is to making a change

How do we achieve results?

  • Personalised health and performance report generated for individuals and companies following the digital profiling

  • Meet the experts 1:1 during engagement days, delivered physically or digitally

  • Workshops, webinars and wellbeing days focused on movement, mindset and lifestyle

  • 1:1 health & performance coaching for individuals as part of their employee benefits

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